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Popular Jeep Patriot Accessories

The Jeep Patriot was built for rough, rugged and wild excursions, but deep down, it also has a softer side-a side that enjoys the finer things in life, like Jeep Patriot accessories. So, start listening to your Jeep Patriot SUV's stylish side and get bumpers, center consoles, doors, lights and more to truly customize your Jeep.

Jeep Patriot Accessories

Dash Covers

Jeeps are known world-wide for their versatility. But, that doesn't mean you want to use your dashboard for activities like cooking an omelet or balancing out your tan. Protect your dash from harsh UV rays, cracking and other hazards with Jeep Patriot dash covers. They are available in a variety of fabrics, like velour, carpet, suede and more. Plus, a rainbow of colors allows you to contrast or complement your ride. And, most are crafted to perfectly fit your ride's contours.

Roof Racks

You were labeled a "world traveler" the day you purchased your Jeep. Face it, though—you cannot journey the world without Jeep Patriot roof racks. Adding a Jeep Patriot roof rack to your ride creates extra space for you gear, as well as provides comfort and convenience. And, when you're ready to shop, check out a Patriot review for the best choice roof racks, because there are tons of shapes, styles and brands for your ride.

Jeep Patriot Accessories Seat Covers

Seat Covers

Mud, dirt, water, soda, candy, food—you name it; it's been in your car and near your seats. In fact, there's nothing you keep out of your rugged Jeep. Knowing that you put your ride through the wringer quite often, you should protect its seats with Jeep Patriot seat covers. When it comes to covering your ride's upholstery, the choices are endless: colors, style, materials, brands; you name it, you have a choice.

Floor Mats

Just because your Jeep traipses through knee-deep mud, doesn't mean you need all that goop in your cab. Lay down the ultimate line of defense: Jeep Patriot floor mats. It doesn't matter if the enemy is dirty footprints or grassy boots; these Jeep Patriot mats protect your carpet with their thick protective materials, and innovative moisture and muck-trapping wells. And the best part, most are custom-fit to your specific ride and you can choose from a plethora of colors to best fit your rugged 4-wheeler.


Camping and Jeeps go together; there’s no denying that. But when you're on the road and ready to hit the hay, the last thing you want to do is hassle with setting up a tent. Rather than wrestle with it, get a Jeep Patriot tent and transform your vehicle into your own 5-star hotel in the blink of an eye. Jeep Patriot tents are crafted from durable materials by the best brands in the industry. And, they are designed to fit almost every year, make and model.

Car Bras

First impressions are everything. Rather than let your rugged ride face the world unprotected, set it up with a Jeep Patriot bra to shield your front end from potential damage. Jeep Patriot bras are custom-sized to your rig for optimum protection and style. Choose Jeep Patriot accessories from the top brands in the industry to swaddle your ride, like Colgan, Covercraft, Covering, LeBra and Speed Lingerie.

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