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The Simple Explanation about What Does SUV Stand For in Car Terms

Sometimes, it is hard to answer about what does SUV stand for in car terms. It seems that you know that SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle. The problem is that you can’t explain it in detail about the meaning of Sport Utility Vehicle. You don’t need to worry about that because there is a simple way to explain about what does suv stand for in car terms.

what does suv stand for in car terms

The Models of SUV Cars

The way to explain about what does SUV stand for in car term is by seeing the model of the car itself. There are three important elements you should check related to SUV cars. Those three elements are the cargo space of the car, the passenger space and seats and the size of the engine. Most of SUV cars are supported by large size of cargo space. Even, the size of cargo is larger than the space for the passenger. Moreover, the space for the passenger is limited. Commonly, SUV cars are designed only for four passengers with 4 doors model. The size of the engine is also different than the ordinary one. It is possible that the engine is larger or even smaller than the ordinary cars. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you will have a very compact car. On the other hand, you will get several advantages if you drive a SUV car.

The Advantages of Driving SUV Cars

Talking about the advantages of the car, it is also possible for you to explain about what does SUV stand for in car terms by telling about the advantages. For example, common people think that SUV car is very small and uncomfortable to drive. Here, you can explain that the size is not as small as they imagine. By the improvement, the manufacturers made the SUV cars comfort to drive. Comfort is not the only advantage you can get from SUV cars. More than that, you can also get fuel economy. Just check the detail of several compact SUVs you know. Certain SUV car such as Fiat 500X is designed with fuel economy friendly. Of course, later you can bring more items and it is a good car for those who have to drive for far route. You can bring anything you need and drive the car comfortably.

If you think that compact SUV car is not enough for you, you can also take different type of SUV cars. Instead of taking mini or compact SUV cars, it is better for you to drive a full-size SUV car. This car has large cargo and passenger space. It seems that this car is good for you who have big and tall body. The idea is how to choose a comfort SUV car to drive. Do you want to enjoy a long holiday with your big family? Don’t worry with that because you can still use SUV car. Just drive extended length SUV car such as Cadillac Escalade. This car has extra cargo as well as 8 up to 9 passenger seats. Hopefully, it clearly explain about what does SUV stand for in car terms.

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